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Technology Industry in Hong Kong

20 March 2017

Companies in Hong Kong’s technology sector specialise in the commercialisation and application of innovative products and systems, as well as in industrial engineering. A number of clusters, comprisin...Read More


Fund Management Industry in Hong Kong

23 Feb 2017

Hong Kong is widely recognised as a leading fund management centre in Asia with a large concentration of international fund managers....Read More


Banking Industry in Hong Kong

21 Feb 2017

Hong Kong has one of the highest concentrations of banking institutions in the world, with about 70 of the largest 100 banks in the world having an operation in Hong Kong....Read More


Film Entertainment Industry in Hong Kong

16 Feb 2017

Hong Kong has one of the largest and most dynamic film entertainment industries in the world. As one of the world's largest film and television content exporters, Hong Kong has captured a fair share o...Read More


Publishing Industry in Hong Kong

20 Jan 2017

Hong Kong is a regional publishing centre, backed by a highly developed printing industry. Freedom of expression and a liberal attitude towards the press are important factors attracting a concentrati...Read More


Insurance Industry in Hong Kong

19 Jan 2017

Hong Kong has one of the most developed insurance markets in the region, with the per capita insurance premium standing at high levels. Besides, Hong Kong has attracted many of the world's top insuran...Read More


Securities Industry in Hong Kong

18 Jan 2017

Hong Kong has one of the world's most active and liquid securities markets. There is neither control over capital movement nor capital gains or dividend income tax....Read More


Building and Construction Industry in Hong Kong

30 Dec 2016

Hong Kong companies have earned a reputation over the years in rapid construction of quality high-rise apartment blocks and office towers. The adoption of specialised construction techniques, such as ...Read More


Licensing Industry in Hong Kong

1 Nov 2016

Hong Kong has been chosen by many international licensors and licensing agents as the strategic base to expand their licensing business in Asia, particularly the Chinese mainland....Read More


Engineering Industry in Hong Kong

7 Oct 2016

Hong Kong's engineers are active in exporting their services to the region, particularly the Chinese mainland. In the construction sector, major types of professional engineering services that are cur...Read More


Surveying Industry in Hong Kong

3 Oct 2016

Hong Kong is the region's leader in the surveying profession in terms of experience and technical expertise. The buoyant construction market over the last two decades has provided invaluable exposure ...Read More


Architecture Industry in Hong Kong

26 Sept 2016

The quality of Hong Kong's design expertise on a wide range of building types and development projects is comparable with the best in the world....Read More


Arbitration and Mediation Industry in Hong Kong

9 Sept 2016

Hong Kong is a prime venue for commercial dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation, given its mature and well-developed legal system and the existence of a large pool of experienced profes...Read More


Legal Services Industry in Hong Kong

8 Sept 2016

Hong Kong's legal services sector plays a pivotal role in satisfying the professional services needs associated with mainland-related investment. Many top legal advisors in Asia's M&A deals have a sig...Read More


Telecommunications Industry in Hong Kong

22 Aug 2016

Hong Kong's role as a leading business centre in the Asia-Pacific region owes much to its advanced telecommunications infrastructure, which facilitates domestic and international communications by voi...Read More


Environmental Protection Industry in Hong Kong

14 July 2016

Hong Kong’s environmental protection industry focuses on six business areas, including (1) water conservation and pollution control, (2) air and odour pollution control, (3) energy conservation, (4) w...Read More


Information Technology Services Industry in Hong Kong

10 June 2016

The information and communication technology (ICT) sector of Hong Kong is among the most advanced in the world. According to the annual global ICT Development Index published by ITU in November 2015, ...Read More


Maritime Services Industry in Hong Kong

6 June 2016

Hong Kong is the world’s 8th largest trading economy with international trade facilitated immensely by its efficient port amid a strong presence of ship owners, cargo owners and traders. Over the year...Read More


Accounting Industry in Hong Kong

22 April 2016

The use of international standard accounting practices and rising business opportunities in the region have attracted the big international accounting firms to have a presence in Hong Kong. Most of th...Read More


Sea Transport Industry in Hong Kong

20 April 2016

Endowed with a deep-water, silt-free natural harbour strategically located along a major sea route and with the Chinese mainland providing a huge cargo base, Hong Kong has become a sea transport hub i...Read More

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