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Global Production Strategy: Midea Group

7 Sept 2017

The intense competition facing the global home appliance market has prompted Midea Group to speed up its transformation and upgrade process. The Group has strengthened its scientific research and inno...Read More


Enhancing Product Value: Modern Precision Dental Instruments Co Ltd

4 Sept 2017

In upgrading and transforming themselves, many companies try to boost competitiveness through various means, including R&D in technology, product design and branding. In seeking to carve out more mark...Read More


Market Benefit-Led Investment Strategy: Keda Clean Energy Co Ltd

1 Sept 2017

Many enterprises on the mainland have been formulating their international business plans and further exploring market opportunities arising from the Belt and Road. But outbound investment should not ...Read More


Macau Special Administrative Region: Market Profile

1 Sept 2017

The gaming sector dominates Macau’s economy. In 2015, the gaming/gaming promotion sector accounted for almost half (48%) of the SAR’s GDP. Currently, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan are Mac...Read More


Industrial Upgrading and Cost Consideration: PEAK Corporation of Foshan City

28 Aug 2017

Amid fierce market competition and rising costs, some enterprises on the Chinese mainland are considering relocating their production to regions offering lower costs. But a large number of enterprises...Read More


Synergy Effect of Regional Production: Luen Thai Holdings Limited

24 Aug 2017

Many companies on the mainland shift their manufacturing business to Southeast Asia to meet the challenges of rising production cost. Luen Thai Holdings Limited points out that in order to improve the...Read More


Precision Production Planning Based on Regional Supply Chain: Artesyn Technologies Asia-Pacific Limited

21 Aug 2017

Artesyn Technologies, which is engaged in the manufacturing of IT products and power supplies, has stepped up to upgrade its production plants in China, while reinforcing its R&D capability. The compa...Read More


One-stop Registration and Banking Service Launched for Hong Kong Businesses Looking to Invest in Guangdong

4 Aug 2017

A one-stop business registration and banking service has been introduced for Hong Kong investors looking to launch a business in Guangdong. This new service – The Commercial Registration Bank-Governme...Read More


Shift of Global Supply Chain and Guangdong-Hong Kong Industrial Development (Executive Summary)

27 July 2017

In recent years, rising labour and production costs across the mainland have prompted a number of foreign-invested and domestic enterprises to adjust their business strategies. Among the steps taken w...Read More


Development Prospects for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area and the Role of Hong Kong

25 July 2017

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area will bring about new opportunities. Hong Kong’s strengths in financial services, professional services and international ties can contribute to the transformatio...Read More


Guangdong-Hong Kong Cooperation to Scale New Heights podcast

16 June 2015

Under China's “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the building of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area will bring about significant advances in Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation. Hong Kong, as the on...Read More


Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone: Opportunities for Hong Kong podcast

3 June 2015

The Guangdong Free Trade Zone (GDFTZ) streamlines foreign investment management by way of implementing the negative list and record filing system. Coupled with CEPA concessions, the GDFTZ will deepen ...Read More


The Nansha new zone: emerging opportunities in the services industry

3 April 2014

Nansha, Guangzhou, has recently submitted 19 policy proposals on financial innovation to the State Council for approval. As China is devising innovative ways of development, Nansha hopes to focus on t...Read More


Guangdong “goes out” (company case studies 5): Optimising the funding mix via Hong Kong

21 Jan 2014

Although China has determined to speed up its integration with the international financial market, there are still differences in financing costs between the mainland and international markets. As Hon...Read More


Guangdong “goes out” (company case studies 4): Investing in the commodity futures delivery business via Hong Kong

14 Jan 2014

Commodity futures delivery and warehouse management are some of the main businesses of Nanchu Repository Management Group Co Ltd. Nanchu has indicated that it hopes to enhance its participation in int...Read More


Guangdong “goes out” (company case studies 3): Pursuing merger and acquisition opportunities overseas

9 Jan 2014

Driven by the vast industrial production demand of China, the business prospects for competitive suppliers engaging in equipment production are bright. While focusing on domestic sales, most of these ...Read More


Guangdong “goes out” (company case studies 2): “Common Language” - the key to success in business co-operation

6 Jan 2014

Hong Kong service providers not only understand the market situation and laws in the Chinese mainland and overseas, but also the technical content of the co-operation project in question. Via the Hong...Read More


Guangdong “goes out” (company case studies 1): Sourcing technology partners to develop the Chinese and overseas markets

24 Dec 2013

According to Dongjiang Environmental Co Ltd, Chinese mainland enterprises are increasingly “going out” to seek foreign partners and “bringing in” overseas technologies to help them raise their capabil...Read More


Guangdong: Hong Kong service opportunities amid China’s “going out” strategy

11 Dec 2013

The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed China should integrate its “going out” and “bringing in” strategies. While China is the world’s third-l...Read More


Hong Kong’s Path to 2016 -- Implications of the latest measures announced video

21 Sept 2011

In a forum in Hong Kong last August to highlight the 12th Five-Year Programme’s implications, Vice Premier Li Keqiang announced new measures applying to Hong Kong, under which services trades between ...Read More

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