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The Visegrad Four (V4) Nations: Early Adopters of the Belt and Road Opportunity

29 May 2017

The Visegrad Four (V4) nations, consisting of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, are poised to benefit most from rising trade and investment flows between China and Central and Eastern ...Read More


Consumers’ Appetites for Audio-visual Products on the Rise: The Spring 2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair Survey

26 May 2017

With the electronics market remaining optimistic, audio-visual and digital entertainment items will be the products worth noting, according to the survey at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Spring...Read More


A Snapshot of Hong Kong's Start-up Communities

22 May 2017

Startup communities in Hong Kong are thriving. The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong is being supported by a number of government and private sector communities, including corporate incubators and accele...Read More


Major Co-operative Deal Looks to Transform Russia's Retail Sector

17 May 2017

Strategic alliance between X5 Retail Group and Tsentrosoyuz offers new opportunities for Hong Kong suppliers....Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: The Value Chain

12 May 2017

A large number of merchants and service providers in Hong Kong are key players in the global e-commerce economy. According to a recent HKTDC survey in collaboration with the six major e-commerce assoc...Read More


Vietnam’s New Distribution Opportunities

11 May 2017

Market liberalisation has contributed to the transformation of Vietnam’s distribution sector. The traditional import channel through wholesalers and importers is expanding as these companies are incre...Read More


Vietnam’s Consumer Preference for “Affordable Luxuries”

9 May 2017

Vietnamese consumers are increasingly purchasing fashionable and quality products to improve their living standards, although their income levels are still on the low side. They generally regard the s...Read More


Hong Kong’s Start-up Scene

8 May 2017

Part of a global trend, start-ups have become a rising phenomenon in Hong Kong, with fintech, smart city and smart home, healthcare and big data applications among the most popular sectors. There are ...Read More


Understanding the New Generation of Businesses in Hong Kong: HKTDC Start-up Survey

8 May 2017

HKTDC Research recently conducted an online survey targeting start-ups that have been in operation for 5 years or less, which are either technology companies or those adopting particularly innovative ...Read More


Vietnam’s Enhanced Infrastructure Enables Modern Logistics Services

27 April 2017

Vietnam has a great demand for modern logistics services to support its processing industries as well as food and aquaculture businesses. Hong Kong’s logistics firms are well positioned in tapping the...Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: Importing to China

25 April 2017

Chinese consumers’ insatiable appetite for foreign goods and the government’s supportive measures bode well for cross-border e-commerce. There is much room for growth for Hong Kong’s e-commerce sector...Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: Exporting to the World

21 April 2017

Hong Kong possesses good fundamentals to serve the global e-commerce market. While there is still plenty of room for growth in the e-commerce area in developed markets, Hong Kong businesses should als...Read More


Vietnam’s Increasing Demand for Environmental Services

20 April 2017

In view of Vietnam’s new environmental protection laws, enterprises are calling on services to help treat various kinds of industrial waste and pollutant emissions. Hong Kong is home to players who ex...Read More


Vietnam Connects its Cost Advantages with China: The Scenario of an Industrial Park in Hai Phong

13 April 2017

Amid inflow of foreign investment, Vietnam is now targeting investment from higher value-added industries, with potential investors advised to look beyond labour cost advantages. But there are concern...Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: The Local Market

7 April 2017

The local e-commerce market only accounts for a fraction of the overall e-commerce activities in Hong Kong, but it is still important as a gateway to Asia and as a testing ground for novel products an...Read More


Vietnam’s Youthful Labour Force in Need of Production Services

6 April 2017

Vietnam’s processing production sector has prospered on the back of its markedly young labour force. But a shortage of skilled workers, production engineers and precision tool makers, etc., has starte...Read More


E-commerce: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

3 April 2017

In the online world, an effective marketing strategy is necessary for driving targeted traffic and as a means to convert visitors to customers. Compared with traditional marketing, digital marketing i...Read More


E-commerce: The Logistics Industry

31 March 2017

E-commerce reshapes the whole supply chain management, which harbours great opportunities for the global logistics industry. Demand for e-commerce logistics is expected to remain strong, amid growing ...Read More


Vietnam’s Supply-chain Opportunities Spurred by Foreign Investment

23 March 2017

Vietnam has number of favourable attributes, including a youthful labour force and relatively low production costs. FDI in Vietnam is not just geared towards the production of labour-intensive goods, ...Read More


Vietnam’s Emerging Merchandise and Services Trade Opportunities

16 March 2017

The remarkable performance of Vietnam’s economy has interested investors looking for new opportunities in Asia, given its labour, production cost and tax advantages. A substantial portion of the inves...Read More

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