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Promoting Further Success in Quality Management

Dr. Alex Cheung


Dr. Alex Cheung

Most technical personnel responsible for Quality Assurance have acquired some basic or higher level QA training and so have a good understanding of the policy and requirements of their company. However, the implementation of the QA system is not always satisfactory. What are the hidden problems and potential obstacles?

Imagine these scenarios:

  • A salesperson is well trained and wants to make more money. Every time he goes to meet a client, he is apprehensive and so he is unable to do his best. Certainly, his success rate will not be as high as it would have been without the fear.
  • A QA manager once had a conflict with her colleagues and got hurt; when she faces the same people again, the interpersonal issues may interfere with her performance.
  • A manager is in a bad mood caused by family or relationship troubles and so is not at his most resourceful when dealing with his own staff.

So what might be some of the solutions to these issues? 

Perhaps using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the QA System might offer the "Mind-Set" and "Motivational Energy" to create success.

NLP is the study of excellence, both for individuals and organizations. It is practical and relates the skills and values of the people in a business to the business's goals and structure. How can these be related?

Personal success is about enjoying our work, feeling congruent with and motivated by what we are doing, and doing work that fulfils our life and does not fragment it. NLP brings much to this area: communication skills, leadership skills and ways to clarify beliefs and values, so we can appreciate ourselves and bring more of ourselves to our work.

NLP techniques can help any individual or organization to achieve, maintain, and enhance high quality standards. When employed, NLP helps with the design and implementation of a QA System with a quarter of the effort, in half the time, and with great positive results. Whether you are a front-line employee, a QA manager or a CEO, NLP offers a formidable management tool that will enable you to achieve your desired outcome much more effectively.

Relevant courses, including "Problem Solving & Creativity Thinking for Better Quality Assurance", "Managing Critical Processes to Create Successful Projects" and "High Impact Communication Skills for Safety & QA Managers", will be organized by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency from April to June 2007. Please refer to the training schedule on page 14 or contact our training unit at (852) 2202 9111 for details.

Dr. Alex Cheung is the master trainer of a professional training institute. He was educated and has extensive working experience in Hong Kong, China, U.S.A. and United Kingdom. He is a well-known and highly qualified professional and also a committed educator and trainer for more than twenty five years. Dr. Cheung is also the Governing Council member of Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.

(This article is published in "Vision", Issue 23, March 2007.)

In case of any discrepancies between English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

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