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Young Fashion Designers' Contest Winners Announced
Fashion Awards Spotlight Shines on Hong Kong Creativity

International fashion designer Tsumori Chisato (right) honours Overall Group winner and Contemporary Day Wear Group winner Sherry Kwok (centre)
President of Finos SpA Maria Luisa Trussardi (second from left) takes the stage with Party and Evening Wear Group winner Michael Lau, who also won The Most Innovative Collection award

January 15, 2008 - The big winner at the 31st Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer's Contest (YDC) awards night, January 14, was Sherry Kwok, a student from the Institute of Textile and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Ms Kwok came away with the Overall Prize as well as the Contemporary Day Wear Group award.

More than 200 entries were submitted, with 18 finalists competing in three categories: Casual and Jeans Wear; Contemporary Day Wear; and Party and Evening Wear. This year's winners were:

  • Overall Prize, Sherry Kwok - "Innocent Girl Going to a New World"
  • Casual and Jeans Wear Group, Vikki Yau - "Hymn for my Soul"
  • Contemporary Day Wear Group, Sherry Kwok - "Innocent Girl Going to a New World"
  • Party and Evening Wear Group, Michael Lau - "The Silent Closet"
  • The Most Innovative Collection (sponsored by the YD Alumni Club), Michael Lau - "The Silent Closet
  • City Magazine Prize, Kristy Tang - "Still; in Formation"

Judges focused on creativity, marketability, workmanship, fabric suitability and overall appeal. Presiding over the high-profile judging panel was Andrew Leung, Chairman of the TDC's Garment Advisory Committee. Two fashion-world stars served as VIP judges: Maria Luisa Trussardi, President of Finos SpA, the financial holding of the Trussardi Group; and Tsumori Chisato, the renowned Japanese fashion designer.

Ms Tsumori was impressed with the creativity on display. "Originality and curiosity are vital to a designer's success," she said. Ms Tsumori advised Hong Kong's young designers to look for continuous improvement, "to bring excitement and appeal to wearers at all times."

Other judges included: Peter Lau, Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Giordano International Ltd; Martin Lee, Managing Director, Tiramisa International Distribution Ltd, and designer for RMC Martin Ksohoh and Yoropiko Denim; Johanna Ho, Creative Director, Johanna Ho; Joseph Li, fashion designer; Meeling Leung, Publisher and General Manager, City Magazine; Arthur Lam, Design Director, Matador Couture; Celia Wong, founder of Da Da; and Perry Kwong, chief stylist, Kitterick.

Seven Hong Kong designers from the YD Alumni Club showcased their latest collections at the contest, parading their perspectives on an ideal life under the theme "A Brave New World." The participating designers, ex-winners and finalists of the YDC, were: Chow Tan Tan, Walter Kong, Hin Lee, Kevin Ng, Baldwin Pui, Harrison Wong and Yeung Shiu Cheung.

Overall Prize and Contemporary Day Wear Group winner

Sherry Kwok: Innocent Girl Going to a New World

Ms Kwok believes that fashion is structural aesthetics. Her collection parades an architectural style

Casual and Jeans Wear Group winner

Vikki Yau: Hymn for my Soul

The main hues of Ms Yau's collection are yellow, blue and green, the award winner's favourite colours.

Party and Evening Wear Group and The Most Innovative Collection (sponsored by the YD Alumni Club) winner

Michael Lau: The Silent Closet

Mr Lau's winning entry was inspired by the movie Silence of the Lambs. Mr Lau believes that every
individual has a "silent closet," where one's wisdom and sadness are kept. He applied this idea to his collection

City Magazine Prize

Kristy Tang: Still; In Formation

The collection is inspired by the clay figures of warriors and horses buried with the dead in ancient China.
Ms Tang chose lamb leather and cashmere in a grey hue. She added beading to represent the unique
feature of each clay warrior.

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