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TDC and partners to grow a bigger pie for HK businesses

Aim at strengthening Hong Kong as Asia's trade fair capital and generate even more business for local industries and the city, TDC is partnering with seven Hong Kong exhibition organisers to launch new trade fairs in Hong Kong from 2006. Picture shows (from left to right) Managing Director of CIEC Exhibition Company (Hong Kong Limited) Mr. Sam Xie, Chairman of China Promotion Limited Mr. Andrew Kay, Chairman of Adsale Exhibition Services Limited Mr. Stanley Chu, Assistant Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Mr. Benjamin Chau, Chairman of Kenfair International (Holdings) Limited Mr. Herbert Ip, Director (Trade Fairs) of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd Ms Katy Lam, Managing Director of MMI-Munich International Trade Fairs Pte Ltd Mr. Ronald Unterburger and Chief Executive Officer of Paper Communication Exhibition Services Mr. C.H. Cheng at the press conference today (April 11).

The Trade Development Council (TDC) is partnering with seven Hong Kong exhibition organisers to launch eight new trade fairs in Hong Kong from 2006, TDC announced today (April 11).

The new exhibitions will be held annually at two venues, AsiaWorld-Expo, which opens in December at Chek Lap Kok Airport, and the Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Wanchai. (Details at Table I)

The initiative will further strengthen Hong Kong as Asia's trade fair capital and generate even more business for local industries and the city.

The fairs will carry the following themes:

  • Printing & Packaging, to be co-organised with CIEC Exhibition Company (Hong Kong) Limited;
  • Autoparts, to be co-organised with Paper Communication Exhibition Services
  • Auto & Boat & Leisure, to be co-organised with MMI -Munich International Trade Fairs Pte Ltd;
  • Building Materials & Construction Equipment, to be co-organised also with CIEC Exhibition Company (Hong Kong) Limited;
  • Furniture, to be co-organised with Kenfair International (Holdings) Limited;
  • Environmental Protection Products & Technologies, to be co-organised with Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd;
  • Textile and Garment Machinery & Technology, to be co-organised with Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd; and
  • Medical and Health Care, to be co-organised with China Promotion Limited.

"The new fairs will provide a marketing platform for more than 2,000 firms in industries and sectors presently underserved by international trade fairs in Hong Kong," said TDC Assistant Executive Director, Mr. Benjamin Chau.

"They will attract an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 buyers from around the world each year, with billions of dollars in spin-off benefits for the local economy." (Details at Table II)

Before committing to the new fairs and seeking private-sector partners, TDC conducted extensive research and consulted with relevant industry associations and leading players.

Mr. Chau said the Council's research had identified three new trends in the region, Guangdong in particular, with significant, positive implications for Hong Kong's trade flows"

These trends are:

  1. The growth of automobile and components trade in the mainland:
    total trade in this sector increased by an average of 22.5% annually from 1995 to 2004. Southern China is expanding rapidly as an auto manufacturing base
  2. Increased commitment to environmental protection:
    the Chinese mainland spent RMB700 billion on environmental protection during its 10th five-year plan, and is committed to spend even more during its current 11th five-year plan.
  3. Rising demand for health-care products and services:
    spending on health care on the mainland rose by more than 14 per cent from 2000 to 2003, and by more than 21 per cent in Guangdong during the same period.

"Burgeoning industry clusters, such as the auto manufacturing in Guangdong, require extensive upstream and downstream support from Hong Kong," said Mr. Chau.

He explained that upstream support included precision manufacturing and the introduction of new technology. Downstream support included agency, sales and marketing services.

"We should also be aware of the increase in millionaires in the mainland who are seeking a higher lifestyle that includes luxury products such as cars and boats," Mr. Chau added. TDC estimates there are some 300,000 millionaires in the mainland.

"By working with partners, we will be able to get these fairs off to an even stronger start and create even more opportunities for the small and medium enterprises that drive Hong Kong's external trade."


For press enquiries, please contact Lawrence Yau of TDC's Corporate and Media Communication Department at 2584 4510 or lawrence.yau@tdc.org.hk.

Table I: Eight new fairs

Themes of Fair



Six new fairs at AWE

Printing & Packaging

CIEC Exhibition Company (Hong Kong) Limited


Auto & Boat & Leisure

MMI -Munich International Trade Fairs Pte Ltd


Auto Parts

Paper Communication Exhibition Services


Building Materials & Construction Equipment

CIEC Exhibition Company (Hong Kong) Limited



Kenfair International (Holdings) Limited


Environmental Protection Products & Technologies

Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd


Two new fairs at HKCEC

Textile and Garment Machinery & Technology

Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd


Medical and health Care

China Promotion Ltd.


Table II: Estimated benefits of the eight new fairs to Hong Kong




No. of new exhibitors




No. of business visitors*








*Estimated as a percentage of the total exhibitor/visitor turnout ratio at TDC trade fairs in 2004.
**Estimated as a percentage of the total numbers of employment opportunities of TDC's study in 2004.

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