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Hong Kong movies shine at Berlinale

Axel Estein (MC), Bill Kong (Producer of "Hero"), Lore Buscher (TDC's Regional Director of Central and Eastern Europe), Andrew Lau (Director "Infernal Affairs"), Alex Law (Producer of "Traces of a Dragon"), Alan Mak (Director of "Infernal Affairs"), Shan Ding (represents "P.T.U.") and Mabel Cheung (Director of "Traces of a Dragon") at the "Hong Kong Movie Reception".
TDC's Regional Director of Central and Eastern Europe Lore Buscher.
Hong Kong movies are under spotlight at the 53rd Berlin International Film Festival being held this week.

A number of Hong Kong movies including "Infernal Affairs", "P.T.U.", "Traces of the Dragon: Jackie Chan and his lost family", "Chinese Odyssey 2002" and "Going Home" have been selected for screening at Belinale's Forum and Panorama.

TDC's Regional Director of Central and Eastern Europe Lore Buscher said: "Hollywood has been keen to co-produce with Hong Kong film talents and the results are more than encouraging, both from the production and market point of view.

"With a closer look at the production capabilities of Hong Kong movies here at Berlin, we hope to see a stronger partnership between Hong Kong and European filmmakers."

She made her remarks at the "Hong Kong Movie Reception" hosted by the TDC in Berlin last evening (February 7, Berlin time).

Also speaking at the event were Bill Kong, Producer of "Hero"; Alex Law and Mabel Cheung, Producer and Director of "Traces of a Dragon: Jackie Chan and his Lost Family"; Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, Directors of "Infernal Affairs" and Shan Ding, Associate Director of "P.T.U."

Joined by 250 film professionals from Hong Kong, Europe and other regions around the globe, the reception provided a useful platform for international and Hong Kong movie players to network and strengthen partnerships.

The Berlin International Film Festival features "A tribute to the Shaw Brothers Films" session this year.

Celestial Pictures, which acquired the Shaw Brothers library in 2000, says the library will further benefit their home video releases in Europe. The company is currently engaged in discussions with a number of major European distributors.

Chief Executive Officer of Celestial Pictures Limited William Pfeiffer said: "The potential is vast for new productions with an Asian context as well as films with a confluence of European and Asian interests."

Celestial is also staging the world-premier of its first mainland Chinese movie, "Cala, My Dog!" Starring internationally acclaimed award-winning actor, Ge You, the movie is produced by China's box-office record-maker, Feng Xiaogang.

Director of "Infernal Affairs", Alan Mak said the screening last night received overwhelming response from the audience and the local media. He is confident that the film will soon have its theatrical release in Europe.

The promotion at the Berlin International Film Festival is part of the TDC's effort in raising the profile of Hong Kong movies.

The TDC will stage the Hong Kong International Film and TV market (FILMART 2003) in June this year.

Entering into its seventh year, FILMART is a must-go event for the global movie community.

TDC's Director of Services Promotion Rachel Chan said: "FILMART is a catalyst for the TDC to develop Hong Kong as a regional entertainment production and distribution hub."

Apart from the traditional buying and selling of film and TV entertainment programmes, FILMART 2003 aims to provide a one-stop service for all entertainment-related products and services.

"With expanded size and enriched content, FILMART 2003 will be an ideal platform to facilitate business partnerships among Hong Kong, overseas and mainland film and TV companies," said Miss Chan.

Themed "New Frontiers, Infinite Opportunities", FILMART 2003 will be staged from June 25 to 27 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

To keep movie-lovers and international filmmakers abreast of new developments on Hong Kong film industry, the TDC also launches an online news centre on Hong Kong film industry. The address of the site is http://www.hkfilmart.com/press_rel/press_industry.htm.

For details on FILMART, please see FILMART's homepage at http://www.hkfilmart.com


For press enquiries, please contact Beatrice Lam of TDC's Corporate Communication & Marketing Department at 2584 4049.

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