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Hong Kong-Japan Plenary Highlights Business Promise
Chief Executive Sees Opportunities in Financial Cooperation

 Dr Jonathan Choi (left), Chairman of the Hong Kong-Japan Business Co-operation Committee, presents a dragon-shaped wine-bottle holder to Akimitsu Ashida, Chairman of the Japan-Hong Kong Business Co-operation Committee
 Nearly 30 senior Hong Kong and Japanese business leaders participated in the annual bilateral meeting, which took place in Hong Kong

Members of the two committees welcome CY Leung (fifth from right, front row), Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Speaking at the plenary luncheon, Mr Leung underlined Hong Kong’s value to Japanese business: “Hong Kong has a number of important advantages as a base for Japanese firms. This was highlighted last year when we held a large-scale promotion in Tokyo and Osaka under the theme ‘Think Global, Think Hong Kong.’ The promotion underscored Hong Kong’s advantages to Japanese firms, not only as a gateway to markets in the mainland of China but also as a springboard to markets around the world, including Southeast Asia”


The Chief Executive, who delivered the keynote luncheon address following the Plenary session, is greeted by Dr Jonathan Choi (left) and Akimitsu Ashida (right), chairmen of the Hong Kong and Japanese committees respectively

22 March 2013 – Business opportunities on the Chinese mainland and in Southeast Asia dominated discussions today in Hong Kong at the 32nd Plenary Session of the Hong Kong-Japan and Japan-Hong Kong Business Co-operation Committees.  

Nearly 30 top business executives from Hong Kong and Japan took part in the annual bilateral meeting, chaired jointly by Dr Jonathan Choi, head of the Hong Kong-Japan Business Cooperation Committee, and his counterpart, Akimitsu Ashida, leading the Japanese side. Mr Ashida is also the Representative Director and Chairman of the Board of Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd. 

Asia’s Central Business District
Addressing the plenary, Dr Choi noted that Hong Kong and Japan are longstanding trading partners. He noted, however, that “there is much more that Hong Kong can offer Japanese companies, given our role as gateway to China and Hong Kong’s advantages as Asia’s central business district.” 

He cited food and technology as two areas in which Hong Kong and Japanese cooperation could yield business opportunities on the mainland and elsewhere in Asia. 

Also speaking at the Plenary session, VTech Chairman Allan Wong outlined opportunities in technology, while Deacons Partner Christopher Britton focused on Hong Kong’s strengths in intellectual property rights protection. Bank of China Assistant Chief Executive Zhu Yan-lai added that Japanese companies could make use of Hong Kong’s role as China’s offshore renminbi centre. 

Financial Cooperation
Hong Kong SAR Government Chief Executive CY Leung, keynote speaker at the luncheon following the bilateral meeting, reaffirmed Hong Kong’s commitment to multilateral trade. He also emphasised the opportunities for cooperation between Hong Kong and Japan, especially in financial matters.  

“As an open economy with no capital restrictions and a freely convertible currency, Hong Kong provides a unique and irreplaceable testing ground for the renminbi’s liberalisation,” said Mr Leung. “Hong Kong and Tokyo are major international financial centres in Asia. Closer cooperation between us can create a win-win in promoting financial services and expanding offshore renminbi business through renminbi trade settlement, financing and asset management.”  

The HKTDC serves as the secretariat for the Hong Kong-Japan Business Co-operation Committee, while Nippon Keidanren is the secretariat for the Japan-Hong Kong Business Co-operation Committee. 

The two committees will hold their 33rd Plenary Session next year in Japan.

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