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HAF Awards presented to six of Asia's exceptional filmmakers

Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), co-organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC) and Hong Kong Kowloon & New Territories Motion Picture Industry Association Ltd (MPIA), concluded today (March 22) and presented six awards to outstanding Asian film projects.

The three-day forum arranged over 630 meetings for Asian directors to discuss their projects with quality film financiers, producers, bankers, distributors and buyers. The number of attendees increased by 20% compared with previous year.

TDC Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip said that the HAF has helped small and large Hong Kong and Asian film projects find global investors. "Through overseas investors, these projects will be able to broaden their international distribution network," he added.

Out of 25 film projects presented at the HAF, at least one project has closed the deal. FILMKO, a Hong Kong Film company, and Fortissimo Film Sales will invest in mainland director Zhang Yang's film project Air.

The six awards presented amounting to approximately HK$410,000 in cash and HK$200,000 value-in-kind. Sponsors of the HAF 2006 awards include the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum, the Hubert Bals Fund, the Rome Film Festival and Technicolor Thailand Limited. Awardees are as follows:


Film Project



HAF Award (Hong Kong)

Fat Englishmen

Lawrence GRAY


HAF Award (outside Hong Kong)



Royston TAN (Singapore)

Eric KHOO / James TOH

Unspeakable Curse of the Ox Family, The

SU Chao-pin (Taiwan)

Jimmy HUANG Chih-ming


Part Ocean, Part Ocean

LIU Fen-dou

LIU Xiao-dian



Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL (Thailand)


Technicolor Thailand Awards



Chinese mainland)

Er Yong

Maid - A New Beginning, The

Kelvin TONG

Daniel YUN  / CHAN Pui-yin  / SEAH Saw-yam

FILMART is now being staged at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre until March 23.

For press enquiries, please contact Ms Rochelle Lewis at 2584 4403.

HAF AWARDS presented by the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum
Award value: Two awards of HKD100,000 [Approx. USD13,000] each
Two awards were given to two of the 25 selected HAF projects, one from Hong Kong and one outside of Hong Kong. This Award is based on the creativity of the synopses. Selected by the HAF Reading Committee.

HUBERT BALS FUND AWARD presented by Hubert Bals Fund, International Film Festival Rotterdam
Award value: EUR10,000 [Approx. HKD93,000]
Awarded to a HAF project presented by filmmakers from a developing country. Selected by representatives of the Hubert Bals Fund.

ROME FILM FESTIVAL AWARD presented by the Rome Film Festival
Award value: USD15,000 [Approx. HKD117,000]
Awarded to a project that demonstrates the best of innovative talent by an Asian filmmaker. Selected by representatives of the Rome Film Festival.

Technicolor Thailand Awards presented by Technicolor Thailand Limited
Service award value: Two awards of USD13,000 [Approx. HKD100,000] each
Two value-in-kind awards given to project(s) (i) with the highest potential for co-financing (ii) of which the directors have directed at least one film, TV commercial, documentary or TV program & (iii) which is willing to undertake post-production in Thailand. Selected by representatives of Technicolor Thailand Limited.

Heavy-weight industry expert toasting at a cocktail party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of FILMART. Picture shows (from left to right) Mr. Ng Sze Yuen, President of Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers; Ms. Lorna Wong, Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing; Mr. Tony Shu, Executive Secretary of MPDA; Mr. Raymond Yip, TDC Assistant Executive Director; Mr. Raymond Chow, Chairman of TDC Entertainment Advisory Committee; Mr. Crucindo Hung, Chairman of MPIA; Mr. Albert Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Motion Pictures and Mr. Tsui Siu Ming, President of Hong Kong Televisioners Association. TDC Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip presents the HAF award to Royston TAN.
TDC Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip presents the HAF award to SU Chao-pin. MPIA Chairman Crucindo Hung presents the HAF award to Lawrence Gray.
Hubert Bals Fund goes to Chinese mainland director Liu Fendou's "Part Ocean, Part Flame" Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL (Thailand) won the ROME FILM FESTIVAL AWARD.
ZHANG Yang is one of the Technicolor Thailand Awardees. The Maid - A New Beginning is another film project that wins the Technicolor Thailand Awardees.
Group photos of all awardees.

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