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Entertainment Expo spotlights Asia's world city

Entertainment Expo spotlights Asia
Entertainment Expo spotlights Asia
Entertainment Expo spotlights Asia
Entertainment Expo spotlights Asia

Hong Kong will take centre stage in Asia's world of entertainment for the next two weeks, with the first Entertainment Expo Hong Kong (March 22 to April 6).

This mega event, which brings together eight leading fixtures in Hong Kong's entertainment calendar, was inaugurated by the Acting Chief Executive, Mr. Donald Tsang, at a gala event this evening (Monday). It was attended by more than 1,000 film and entertainment industry leaders, including super stars Tony Leung and Jackie Chan.

The eight events are:

  • FILMART, Asia's biggest exposition for film, TV and multi-media trade, organised for the 9th year by the Trade Development Council (TDC)
  • The Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum, a business platform for Asia's filmmakers, investors, producers, distributors and sales agents, jointly organised by TDC and the Motion Picture Industry Association Ltd.
  • The Hong Kong International Film Festival, a rich offering of Hong Kong, Asian and international films, organised by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society.
  • The glamorous Hong Kong Film Awards which will be attended by the Who Who's of the Hong Kong and Asian film world; organised by the Hong Kong Film Awards Association.
  • The Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Excellence Awards, a tribute to Hong Kong's top companies and best brains in the digital technology business; organised by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association, and the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association.
  • The Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum where the guiding lights of cinematography and digital technology share their rich know-how with their contemporaries; organised by Cyberport.
  • The IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Awards which highlight Asia's biggest money-earning songs and singers; organised by IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Ltd. and
  • Hong Kong Independent Film & Short Video Awards which help new talents get ahead in the competitive world of filmmaking and media development, organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Previously, these events were scattered through the year. With the new Expo, Hong Kong is able to go for bigger impact by realising synergies between them.

Over the next two weeks, there will be more than 200 screenings of films from all over the world. Some 2,000 filmmakers and film-buyers are expected to participate in FILMART, TDC's business-to-business platform for the industry.

TDC Chairman Mr. Peter Woo sees Hong Kong at the right place and right time for Entertainment Expo, as the city has exceptional reach towards a growing China, a growing Southeast Asia and an affluent Northeast Asia.

Hong Kong is now at the centre of an entertainment market of 1.3 billion in the Chinese mainland and 300 million more in northeast and southeast Asia.

The city has exceptional reach into these markets, especially with a Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement with the mainland.

Mr. Woo says Hong Kong's entertainment industry is more than a business. "Besides the glitz and glamour, it is really about our city, our culture, our people and our way of life.

"To many, entertainment is a dream making business. Hong Kong is a dream making city. But Hong Kong is also a city where many dreams do come true."

Hong Kong's Entertainment Ambassador and super star Tony Leung sees the advantages for stronger collaboration among Asian entertainment players.

"By working together, we will be able to embrace a new era of entertainment excellence and opportunities."


For media enquiries, please contact Ms. Rochelle Lewis, tel: 2584 4403 or Ms. Celian Cheung at 2584 4026, or visit http://www.haf.eexpohk.com/

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