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25 Asian film projects unveiled at Rotterdam for co-ventures

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) unveiled details of 25 Asian film productions selected for the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) to international partners at Rotterdam yesterday (January 31, 2006)

HAF is a platform provided by the HKTDC and the Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories Motion Picture Association Ltd. (MPIA) that brings together Asian filmmakers and international financiers with a mission to facilitate co-productions and co-ventures.

Representatives of HAF were in Rotterdam also to offer their compliments to CineMart of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), a fellow co-production market and international partner of HAF.

Both CineMart and HAF promote innovative filmmaking by helping talented filmmakers source financing and other support to get their ideas onto the big screen.

The 25 projects selected for HAF 2006 (see attached) are from Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chinese mainland, Thailand and Iran.

HAF will take place in Hong Kong from 20 - 22 March 2006 in conjunction with FILMART, Asia's leading entertainment market for the film, television and digital entertainment industries.

The Hubert Bals Fund of the IFFR also announced that it would sponsor the Hubert Bals Fund Award at HAF 2006, by providing one project from a developing country with a prize of 10,000 Euros.

HAF's Project Director and TDC Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip said, "CineMart has set the stage in demonstrating what can be achieved following 23 years of hard work and dedication. We would like to do the same for Asian filmmakers with HAF, and will continue to collaborate with our international partners in creating opportunities for talented filmmakers to secure funding and support in order to get their projects completed."


For media enquires, please contact Irene Lau of TDC's Service Promotion at 2584 4013 or irene.kl.lau@tdc.org.hk.

For a complete listing of HAF 2006 projects, please refer to the attached or visit: www.haf.eexpohk.com.

HAF 2006 Selection

  1. 132 - Singapore新加坡
    Director 導演: Royston TAN 陳子謙
    Producer 監製: Eric KHOO 邱金海, James TOH 杜萬齡
    Production Company 製作公司: Zhao Wei Films Pte Ltd 昭瑋電影公司

  2. 51 Ways to Protect the Girl - Japan 日本
    Director 導演: MIIKE Takashi 三池崇史
    Producer 監製: ITO Hidehiro 伊藤秀裕
    Production Company 製作公司: Excellent Film Co

  3. Air (落葉歸根) - Chinese mainland 中國內地
    Director 導演: ZHANG Yang 張楊
    Producer 監製: Peter LOEHR 羅異, Wouter BARENDRECHT 博偉達
    Production Company 製作公司: Ming Productions 北京命之作影視文化發展有限公司

  4. Alright, It's Still Alright - South Korea 南韓
    Director 導演: CHO Chang Ho 趙昌鎬
    Producer 監製: LEE Seung Jae 李承宰
    Production Company 製作公司: LJ Film

  5. Apeiron - Hong Kong / Australia 香港 / 澳洲
    Director 導演: Clara LAW 羅卓瑤
    Producer 監製: Clara LAW 羅卓瑤, Eddie FONG 方令正
    Production Company 製作公司: Lunar Films P/L

  6. Breath Away, A - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Kit HUI 許潔華
    Producer 監製: Cherry MONTEJO
    Production Company 製作公司: Factory630

  7. Fat Englishmen - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Lawrence GRAY
    Producer 監製: Asad SULTAN
    Production Company 製作公司: Idol Films

  8. Freesia - icy tears - Japan 日本
    Director 導演: KUMAKIRI Kazuyoshi 熊切和嘉
    Producer 監製: KUBOTA Suguru 久保田傑
    Production Company 製作公司: Office Shirous

  9. God is in the Side of the Women, The - Iran 伊朗
    Director 導演: Kamal TABRIZI 卡摩塔利茲
    Producer 監製: Alireza SHOJANOORI
    Production Company 製作公司: Behnegar

  10. Green Mansion (花落風流) - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Stanley KWAN Kam Pang 關錦鵬
    Producer 監製: Stanley KWAN Kam Pang 關錦鵬
    Production Company 製作公司: Kwan's Creative Workshop Limited 關錦鵬工作室

  11. Help Me (幫幫我) - Taiwan 台灣
    Director 導演: LEE Kang Sheng 李康生
    Producer 監製: TSAI Ming Liang 蔡明亮
    Production Company 製作公司: Homegreen Films Co 汯霖電影有限公司

  12. Hwa Jang - South Korea 南韓
    Director 導演: HUR Jinho 許秦豪
    Producer 監製: KANG Bongrae 姜奉來
    Production Company 製作公司: Ho Film Co Ltd

  13. Julius Caesar (海殺) - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Gordon CHAN Ka Seung 陳嘉上
    Producer 監製: Thomas LEONG 梁寶桐
    Production Company 製作公司: Lotus Entertainment Limited

  14. Leaving America - Taiwan 台灣
    Director 導演: Frank LIN 藍伯儒
    Producer 監製: Harvey KEITEL 夏菲基圖
    Production Company 製作公司: The Goatsingers

  15. Lost in Beijing (迷失北京) - Chinese mainland 中國內地
    Director 導演: LI Yu 李玉
    Producer 監製: FANG Li 方勵
    Production Company 製作公司: Laurel Films

  16. Maid - The New Beginning, The - Singapore 新加坡
    Director 導演: Kelvin TONG 唐永健
    Producer 監製: Daniel YUN 雲暉翔, CHAN Pui Yin 陳佩然
    Production Company 製作公司: MediaCorp Raintree Pictures

  17. Mystery of the Nun's Death, The (尼姑死亡之謎) - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Herman YAU Lai To 邱禮濤
    Producer 監製: Herman YAU Lai To 邱禮濤
    Production Company 製作公司: The Plan Company Limited 大鵬有限公司

  18. Papa is a Rolling Stone (岳飛正傳) - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Julian LEE Chi Chiu 李志超
    Producer 監製: Barbie TUNG Wun Sze 董韻詩
    Production Company 製作公司: China International Entertainment Ltd

  19. Part Ocean, Part Flame (一半海水, 一半火焰) - Chinese mainland 中國內地
    Director 導演: LIU Fengdou 劉奮鬥
    Producer 監製: LIU Xiaodian 劉小淀
    Production Company 製作公司: Zhengtian Culture and Media Center

  20. Plastic City - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: YU Lik Wai 余力為
    Producer 監製: CHOW Keung 周強
    Production Company 製作公司: Xstream Pictures 西河製作

  21. Toyol - Thailand / Singapore 泰國 / 新加坡
    Director 導演: Nonzee NIMIBUTR 郎斯‧尼美畢達
    Producer 監製: Eric KHOO 邱金海, James TOH 杜萬齡
    Production Company 製作公司: Zhao Wei Films Pte Ltd 昭瑋電影公司

  22. Typhoon 101 (戰颱風) - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Fruit CHAN 陳果
    Producer 監製: Fruit CHAN 陳果, Jade LEE 李良玉
    Production Company 製作公司: Pandasia Entertainment Corp

  23. Unspeakable Curse of Ox Family, The - Taiwan 台灣
    Director 導演: SU Chao Pin 蘇照彬
    Producer 監製: HUANG Chih Ming 黃志明
    Production Company 製作公司: Unit 9 Pictures 第九單位有限公司

  24. Utopia - Thailand 泰國
    Director 導演: Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL 雅之撒邦韋里沙冠
    Producer 監製: Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL 雅之撒邦韋里沙冠
    Production Company 製作公司: Kick the Machine

  25. Weeping Sea, The (霸海情天) - Hong Kong 香港
    Director 導演: Terence TONG Kay Ming 唐基明
    Producer 監製: John SHAM Kin Fun 岑建勳
    Production Company 製作公司: Beijing Dadi Century Ltd
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