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Import & Export Requirements

Hong Kong pursues a free trade policy and does not maintain barriers on trade. There are no restrictions on the right of operating the import and export of goods. But still, the import and export of goods must comply with certain regulations and clearance procedures.

Import and Export Clearance

In general, all cargoes imported into / exported from Hong Kong via air, land and sea are subject to Customs control which is done primarily through inspection of clearance documents, including:
1. manifests;
2. import / export licence or removal permit (if required);
3. copy of detention notice (if applicable); and / or
4. other supporting documents such as bill of lading, airway bill, invoice, packing

Physical examination of the goods, if necessary, is mainly conducted on a selective basis.

For more information on import and export clearance, please visit the following webpages:
Manifest Requirements
Cargo Examination

Import and Export Declaration

Hong Kong is a free port. Any Hong Kong company or individual who imports or exports any goods, except for prohibited / controlled items, is not required to apply or register with the Government in advance.

Having said that, importers and exporters are still required to lodge accurate and complete import and export declarations to Hong Kong Customs within 14 days after the import or export of goods (other than exempted articles).

Declarations can be lodged electronically through the following services providers appointed by the HKSAR Government:

Service ProvidersContact Information

Brio Electronic Commerce Limited

Website: www.brio.com.hk/en/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2111 1611
Email: helpdesk@brio.com.hk

Global e-Trading Services LimitedWebsite: www.ge-ts.com.hk/en/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 8201 0082
Email: enquiry@ge-ts.com.hk
Tradelink Electronic Commerce LimitedWebsite: www.tradelink.com.hk/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2917 8888
Email: mktsales@tradelink.com.hk

For more information on import and export declarations, please visit the following webpages:
Types of Declaration Forms
How to Complete and Lodge Import / Export Declarations
Import and Export Declaration Charges

Dutiable Commodities

Hong Kong does not levy any Customs tariff on imports and exports. Only four types of commodities are subject to the charging of duties in Hong Kong, namely liquor, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil and methyl alcohol.

Dutiable CommoditiesApplicable Duties


Duties are assessed according to the alcohol strength and values.

TobaccoDuties are charged at specific rates per unit quantity.
Hydrocarbon oilDuties are charged at specific rates per unit quantity.
Methyl alcoholDuties are charged at specific rates per unit quantity.

For more information on dutiable commodities, please visit the following webpages:
Types and Duty Rates
Licence and Permit Application

Prohibited Articles

Certain goods are subject to import / export control in Hong Kong. Prohibited articles are goods the import, export or transit of which are prohibited or controlled under the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Any persons importing or exporting these prohibited articles must apply for licences, permits or certificates from the Government Departments concerned in advance and are subject to the conditions imposed thereof.

For the list of prohibited articles and related information, please visit the following webpages:
Controlled Imports
Controlled Exports

Hong Kong Origin

In general, goods are regarded as of Hong Kong origin if:
1. they are natural products of Hong Kong; or
2. they have undergone manufacturing processes in Hong Kong which have changed permanently and substantially the shape, nature, form or utility of the basic materials used in manufacture.

For specific products, the detailed origin criteria and the corresponding principal manufacturing processes for specific products are set out in the Trade and Industry Department’s website.

The certification system in Hong Kong is to facilitate local products to be exported outside Hong Kong by certifying their origins. Traders can apply for different types of Certificate of Origin (CO) that best suit their business needs:
1. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin
2. Certificate of Origin – Processing
3. Certificate of Origin – CEPA
4. Certificate of Origin – New Zealand
5. Certificate of Origin – Georgia
6. Certificate of Origin – Form A

Traders can lodge their CO applications with the Trade and Industry Department and the five Government Approved Certification Organisations (GACOs).

GACOContact Information

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce   

Website: www.chamber.org.hk/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2395 5515
Email: cert@chamber.org.hk

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Website: www.industryhk.org/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2396 3318
Email: fhki@fhki.org.hk
The Indian Chamber of CommerceWebsite: www.icchk.org.hk/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2525 0138
Email: indcham@icchk.org.hk
The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong KongWebsite: www.cma.org.hk/en/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2545 6166
Email: info@cma.org.hk
The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce  
Website: www.cgcc.org.hk/en/
Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2526 0623
Email: cgcc@cgcc.org.hk

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