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Hong Kong Design Services: East Meets West

Strengths of Hong Kong designers

  • Easy communication: Compared to foreign designers, Hong Kong designers are linguistically and culturally closer to mainland clients and can better explain the ideas and concepts behind their designs to them. Their ideas and thinking are more acceptable to mainland enterprises than the “abstractism” and “three-dimensionalism” of some Western designers.
  • Meeting of East and West: Being knowledgeable about both Eastern and Western cultures, Hong Kong designers are able to create products that meet Western aesthetic standards and, at the same time, retain Chinese cultural elements. They can produce designs that have a distinctive local flavour for the export market, as well as designs catering for the tastes of mainland consumers for re-entry into the mainland market. 
  • Attaching importance to both market and design: Compared to mainland designers, Hong Kong designers appreciate fully the importance of the market factor in designing. Their designs are both creative and marketable, and can help clients better meet market demand. 
  • Meeting challenges from international competition: Since China’s entry into the World Trade Organisation, the mainland market has been facing competition from large multinational brands. With their international vision in designing and brand development, Hong Kong designers can help mainland enterprises better meet the challenge.

Strengths of Hong Kong designs

  • Packaging design: Hong Kong designers can create innovative packaging designs for high-quality mainland products to reflect their quality and characteristics. Such designs can give new life and new image to the product.
  • Comprehensive brand design: To have an influence in the market, it is not sufficient to rely on advertising pamphlets or trademark design. Comprehensive brand design is required. This includes the use of websites and video images to show consumers the factory and operations of the enterprise, product design to produce stylish products, and interior design to achieve comprehensive visual effects at sales outlets. The services of Hong Kong designers in these areas have long been highly regarded.
  • Product design: To meet the regulations of different foreign countries, export products have to meet special requirements in terms of product appearance. Hong Kong designers have an advantage in product design, as they have a better grasp of new information and more thorough knowledge of overseas regulations.
  • Store decoration: As the franchise mode of commercial operation becomes more popular in the mainland, there is considerable demand for store design and decoration. Hong Kong designers have good reputation and experience in interior design. They can offer high-quality services to mainland enterprises.
  • Booth design: Mainland enterprises can make use of the expertise of Hong Kong designers in designing booths for international trade exhibitions. Hong Kong designers can master global and international trends, and are proficient in creating contemporary styles to attract the attention of overseas clients. They can offer comprehensive services in this area. Also, they would attend to every detail, including booth design, construction and transportation, delivery of goods, display of posters and publicity pamphlets, and booth dismantling at the end of exhibitions.
  • Interactive media design: Hong Kong has an advanced network system. Compared to other regions in Asia, Hong Kong enjoys greater freedom in the exchange of information and a more advanced network structure. With its advantage in interactive media and website design, Hong Kong can provide cost-effective services to mainland enterprises.

HKTDC Tips (on design services)

  • How to look for Hong Kong design companies:
    - Make enquiries with Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC): We have offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Xian.
    - Make enquiries with Hong Kong Designers Association
      Address: Unit 216A, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 2527 3968
      Email: info@hongkongda.com
  • Points to note in looking for design companies:
    - Strength of the company should be the key consideration: In selecting a design company, the key criterion should be the strength of the company and not its size. The strength of the company is reflected in whether its design services can bring out clearly the characteristics of the product/service.
    - The choice should be target-oriented: Different design companies may possess expertise in different areas. Some companies may be focused on such sectors as electronics, banking and property. Others may be skilled in providing graphic design or interactive media design. Still others may be able to provide comprehensive services. An enterprise should select a design company on the basis of its own needs and objectives.
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