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Zhuhai (Guangdong) City Information

Major Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators20172018
(%, y-o-y)
(%, y-o-y)
Gross Domestic Product (RMB billion)267.5210.81291.478.01
Per Capita GDP (RMB)
Added Value Output
- Primary Industry (RMB billion)4.888.715.011.21
- Secondary Industry (RMB billion)128.7210.91143.3812.61
- Tertiary Industry (RMB billion)133.9110.81143.083.51
Value-added Industrial Output2 (RMB billion)10.61 14.11
Fixed-assets Investment (RMB billion)166.2019.6
Retail Sales of Consumer Goods (RMB billion)112.8211.0116.0637.41
Inflation (Consumer Price Index, %)0.82.3
Exports (RMB billion)188.294.4188.710.2
Imports (RMB billion)110.7116.4135.9222.5
Utilised Foreign Direct Investment (US$ billion)2.4336.02.390-1.7

1 In renminbi real terms
2 For all state-owned and other forms of enterprises with annual sales over RMB20 million
3 The series on fixed-assets investment and retail sales were rebased in 2018, the growth rates were in real terms.
Source: Zhuhai Statistical Yearbook 2018, Zhuhai Municipal Statistics Bureau

General Background

Zhuhai is located on the west bank of the Pearl River estuary, adjoining Macau. It extends across an area of 1,732 sq km and, as of the end of 2018, its permanent population stood at 1.891 million. The people in Zhuhai enjoy a pleasant living environment and the city has been named “Best Garden City in China”, “China’s Excellent Tourism City” as well as “The Happiest City in China” successively. It has also been voted as China’s most livable.

Zhuhai is home to four state-level special investment zones, namely the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhuhai-Macau Cross-border Industrial Zone, and Zhuhai Gaolangang Port Economic Zone.

According to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Zhuhai and Macao together will perform a leading role. Zhuhai and Foshan will be the spearhead for advanced equipment manufacturing on the west bank of the Pearl River, to explore the development of a Macao-Zhuhai cross-border financial cooperation demonstration zone, to establish experimental zones for entrepreneurship in Hengqin of Zhuhai, to develop Hengqin of Zhuhai into a high standard international leisure and tourism island, to strengthen the functions of Zhuhai airport and to set up a general aviation demonstration zone in Zhuhai.


In terms of GDP contribution, Zhuhai’s secondary and tertiary industries account for the largest proportion, with primary industry making up a relatively small share.

Composition of GDP (%)

Primary Industry
Secondary Industry54.8
Tertiary Industry42.5

Source: Zhuhai Municipal Statistics Bureau

The pillar industries of Zhuhai include electronic information, bio-pharmaceutical products, electrical appliances, electrical energy, petrochemicals and precision machinery industries.  Zhuhai is now striving to establish itself as an innovation-driven city. One priority is to expedite the development of modern industries, with smart manufacturing as the core and complemented by high-end manufacturing, new and high-tech industries, marine economy and eco-agriculture.

High-end manufacturing industry encompasses robots and smart home. It also focuses on areas like ship and oceanic engineering, aviation and aerospace, rail transport, new-energy electric vehicles (trams, pure electric passenger vehicles, etc). Whereas for high-and-new industries, the city is focusing on integrated circuit design, substation integrated automation equipment, new energy and smart grid; as well as boosting the bio-pharmaceuticals and biodegradable chemicals industries.

As for the marine economy and eco-agriculture industry, Zhuhai focuses on developing port logistics, oceanic engineering equipment, yacht industries, etc. Besides, it is also promoting the offshore fishing industry, coastal tourism and leisure resorts, and deep processing of agricultural and fisheries products in order to build an integrated agricultural industry chain featuring supply chains of various farm products.

Strengthening the co-operation between Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau in terms of Chinese medicinal technology and industries is listed in the city’s 13th Five-Year Plan. The objective is to promote complementarity in medical resources between Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau as well as to explore the synergy between Zhuhai and Macau in the areas of social security such as elderly and health care.

Foreign Trade and Investment

In 2018, manufacturing industry accounted for 34.3% of the utilised foreign direct investment in Zhuhai, followed by leasing and commercial services (29.9%). In 2017, Hong Kong was Zhuhai’s largest source of investment, accounting for 44.4% of the city’s total FDI.

In terms of external connections, Zhuhai will make use of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to reposition itself as a transportation hub on the west bank of Pearl River estuary.

Tourism is very important to Zhuhai. Despite its relatively small population of 1.891 million people among the nine cities in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region, the city ranks third – after Guangzhou and Shenzhen – in terms of overnight foreign tourist numbers in 2017, at 3.18 million visits. Zhuhai plans to build an eco-tourism industry that focuses on ecology, sight-seeing and leisure, as well as develop Hengqin into a tourist island targeting leisure travelers from all over the world.



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